WordPress: Why blogger use mostly wordpress for blogging ?


WordPress is first choice of every blogger  who start their new blog.

When i start blogging in july 2016 , i don’t know about blogging and wordpress . I search on  google how to make blog/website.

Similarly on you tube i search how to make blog/website.

But after struggling some time, i reach my goal and learn how to make blog/website from you tube.

That  time is so much interesting for me ,when i setup my own blog without any guidance except from you tube. I start blog with wordpress.


In blogging industry , every top blogger or low level blogger use wordpress ,some blogger use google plate form blogspot.

But in 100 people ,99 people’s choice wordpress. 1% people choose blogspot.  It  is easy to use and we get all the things readymade  in it.



 Why WordPress is better ?

  • Pages : in this category we add pages of our information like

About us

Contact us

Disclaimer policy

Privacy policy

Site map

Comment section

Etc. Which page you want , you can make with it.


  • Appearance : in this category 6 options are opened


  1. Themes : In this category we add themes of different variety.There are so many inbuilt themes are required.

If we don’t like that theme we can upload new theme with using upload option.


  1. Customize : In this option we customize the themes which we upload on our website.

We make in changes like sidebar,footer,header etc.


  1. Widgets: in this category we can add the widgets like text, any plugin in sidebar or footer .
  2. Menus: In this option we can add the primary menu secondary menu in header and footer.
  3. Header: Here so many option are opened like site identiy, header image etc. We can apply our action on it.


4.Editor: Here we can add or remove from themes something. We are changes in themes and customize our own wish.


  • Plugin : In plugin category there are so many plugin inbuilt in wordpress. Using plugin we make it very tricky and dashing look website.

If any plugin are not in wordpress inbuilt then we can upload with  upload option.


(4). Users:  we can add any other users  in  wordpress blog.

For example: If we accept the guest posting on our  blog then we can add that users like editor.

(5) Tools: In this we can add tool, we export or import of tools.

(6) Setting: Here we do our blog setting.





This is tool because of this every blogger use it.  In wordpress we play with coding and make website looking cool.


Why  wordpress  is easy?


There is so many  inbuilt functions. Using that functions  our work  make easy and we relax down so much, our mind only concentrate on our article.

Approximate all the functions are available in it.


Last word:  This is  too short description of wordpress, if you like it then please share with it your friends.

A newbie bloggers learn so much stuff using that guide.

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  1. Great post! Most of the things you list here are exactly why I’ve always stayed with WordPress, no matter what site I was building.

  2. Great post! Most of the things you list here are exactly why I’ve always stayed with WordPress, no matter what site I was building.

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