The Ultimate Guide On How To Start a Blog

The Ultimate Guide On How To Start a Blog

If you are reading this post it means that you are interested in blogging. So, Pat on your back to know “How to Start a Blog”. I want to tell you that blogging is like a game.

First of all you have to install a game and learn something about that game and after that you score so high in the game.

If you really want to earn something than first of all you have to learn something and having a good looking professional  blog.

Because A good looking object  always get attention of the audience. So if you have a good looking and attractive blog then visitors come to your blog and spend some time on your blog.


Now, Your question might be how to start a blog for free and using a paid service. Whatever your question is,  after going through this article you get all the ansewers of your questions.


We got the idea by taking inspiration from newbie blogger  like you and with our own experience when we are a newbie blogger how we learn the things  and started our blog.


People who want to start a blog but don’t know how to start it. They google their query and get lots of results  but don’t  find anyone useful for them.


So, This article is going to show you the exact direction which we used to build this successful blog. Just read this ultimate article how to start a blog  till end.  I am sure you will get the right direction to build a more successful blog then our blog.


Whether you are looking to make a new blog or reinventing your blog this article gives you step by step approach to start your blogging career.


Do  A Blog is Essential For Making Money

This is a usual question arise in everyone’s  mind  when someone decide to start their online blogging career.


As per i experience i can say that blogging is a very broad network where you can boost any of your online business whether it is of blogging blog, health blog, fashion blog and tech blog etc.


Its like a platform which helps you to intergrate and making relationships all over the world by boosting your online presence.

When i started blogging career in 2016.i did not know anything about blogging, online earning,  adsense and wordpress. Even I did not how to make a website/blog.

As I  both belongs to lines like non medical ( teaching) and medical (doctor) its really very tough for us to build this successful blog.


When we come across this blogging network. I  astarted reading and learing about blogs by which things are more clear to us.


After some time we came to know that in our city a successful blogger is doing great in this filed and making a good amount monthly.

This Guy ( Kulwant Nagi ) gives us so much inspiration to start a blog and in learning new things.


Now  our blog is successful among all the blogs online and getting a lots of  visitors like you who really wants to learn something and earn something.


If you reading this article by searching it on google  “How to Start a blog and How to Make a Blog” or by any friend recommended you to read this article.


The thing is that we have money + time and authority that we can also teach people just by sitting at our home.

So Do you still have any excuse to start a blog or not today ?


What are the benefits of a Blog ?


Human being always looks for benefits no one do anything without knowing their benefits.


We all go to school,college, on job or buying new products just by knowing their benefits which is really useful for us.


So Here are the benefits of blogging.


  1. It’s the strongest tool to boost your online presence.
  2. It helps you to understand more about your passion/interest.
  3. You make money by utilizing your skills.
  4. You build your online identity and trust.
  5. You become an authority in your industry.
  6. You make strong relations with your customers.
  7. You help the world by writing articles on your blog.
  8. You educate people about your products/services.
  9. People become your loyal readers which give you a strong recognition worldwide.
  10. You become more confident.
  11. You have money freedom.
  12. You have time freedom.
  13. You have enough money to full fill your dreams.


And thousands of more benefits when you are a blogger. Just imagine when you earnig a good amount monthly by just stting at home how  you fell what your parents think about you and how much respect you get form neighbours all around you.


Here is The Ultimate Guide On How To Sart Blogging


Here we are going to teach you about each and every step which is necessary to build a blog.

We have personally gone through each and every step to build this blog a brand, so We are not going to write anything without  our personal experience.

Check each and every point very carefully and help yourself to become a next good blogger.

Let’s read it.


#1.  Choose The Topic / Identify your interest to Start a Blog

Everyday  I get lots of calls and lots of mails. Everyone is having the same questions.

How to start a blog?

How to choose the topic / niche ?

how to start a blog and make money ?

how to start a blog wordpress ?

how to create your blog ?

how do bloggers make money from blogging ?

how to start a free blog ?

And also they are searching for a right mentor to show path to them.


They just only thinks that with the helps of a right mentor they make lots of money. The first thing which everyone ask “ What should I Write? ”


I always reply that first of all you have to identify your passion, about which topic you have lots of knowledge and interest. Just think that you have enough knowledge to write tons of articles on that passion or  interest. If you have such knowledge than go for it.


In my case I am a medical student and having interest in blogging as well so I started blogging blog as well as health blog.


Like this if you have interest in automobiles, in technology, in fashion and in travelling than you can write on these topics as well. In online industry there is no boundation to write about only wordpress, seo and blogging.

I any condition of life we all have some special skills or passions which derive us.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have enough passion about my topic?
  • Can I write about my topic without getting bored?
  • Do I have enough knowledge about my topic?
  • Will my blog’s tone be powerful enough to attract my audience or give them valuable knowledge ?
  • Is there any audience for my topic?
  • Can I write for 8 months without worrying about income from my blog?
  • Am I ready to learn too many new things?

Once you have clear answers to these questions, you are ready to go for your online career in blogging.

These questions I really useful as  I know some of the bloggers quit blogging just because they don’t  have enough time, knowledge about their topic. They just start  the blog without thinking about these things and don’t get any traffic or money. So they decided to leave the blogging.


11 Blogging Tips For College Students to Make Money Online

5 Email Marketing Service to Boost Your Blog Traffic


#2. How to Choose Domain name for a Blog to Start a blog ?

A domain is the name of your website. Which is like address to your website or blog so that visitors come to your blog easily.


Eg. etc are called domain name of any website.


Once you decide your niche for blogging then next step is to choose domain name and register it.


Companies like GoDaddy, NameCheap, BigRock are one of the top domain provider companies in the world.


So you’ll have to open any of the websites listed above to find the perfect domain name for your business.


Here is the example of


When I was a newbie then I searched for the domains name , and luckily it was available.


After finding a suitable domain name for your business, you can proceed with the registration process on the site and make the payment via your Debit/Credit card.


Some important  things to keep in mind before buying domain names:


Try Short Name: Short names are easy to remember and recommend. So when your friend asks for the name of your website, it will be easy for you to tell the names as well as easy for him to remember.


Never Buy Digits In Domain Name: Always avoid to buy domain name having digits in the URL. e.g ,,, They always confuse people because most of the time they’ll forget it was a digit or written in words.


When I started my journey of blogging without any knowledge I choose domain name which is a very big mistake of my mine. That’s why I am suggesting you to not buy domain name containing digits.


  1. Always Prefer Dot Com: Dot com domains are best because this is an international identity. ICANN (domain provider) has differentiated the domains names as per the country like .in for India, for UK, .au for Australia, .pk for Pakistan and so on. Such domain names are good of your targeting one country only. So having a .com identity is always the best option.
  2. Try To Avoid Adjacently Double/Triple Letters: Domains like, are always confusing because we forget to add those repeating letters.
  3. Find A Domain Related To Your Industry Only: Having a domain name would be a silly idea if you are going to start a blog for iPhone. Your blog’s name must be a targeted name for your business. Like I have where I am teaching blogging, I have where we teach about physics. So decide your domain name very carefully.


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#3. Choose Hosting  To Start a blog

When you selected your domain name for your blog and register it. Now its time to buy a good and affordable hosting plan for your blog.


Now the question is “What is hosting?” and “How to get the hosting?”


I am giving an example so that you can esily understand it


Domain is like a car and hosting is like a parking place to park your car, if you are having car then you must be have parking place.


Domain = Car   Hosting = Parking place


Your blog having some texts, images, audio, video and poster images where you are going to save this online data. These things are saved in your online hosting which provide you space according to your plan.


So your domain name will be the name of your website, and all the data of that website will be stored on the server (called as hosting).


As the data is a very crucial thing for your blog so you must select the hosting company very carefully


I personally recommend Globehost or Hostgator hosting to start your blogging career.

If you are a student like me then I will suggest you to go with cheap hosting like Globehost because you are in learning phase and don’t having much time to spend on blogging while keep studying is more important and I think in students life no is having much money to spend. So according to me Globehost is the best option.

start a blog
The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog and Make Money from your blog. Your Blog is your business read this guide and start a blog or make money


They are having cheap plans for you like this

Shared Hosting- 20 Rs/Month or 0.31$/Month

Reseller Hosting- 333 Rs/Month or 5.15$/Month

Cloud Hosting- 799 Rs/Month or 12.35$/Month

VPS Hosting- 999 Rs/Month or 15.44$/Month


I want to share some another plans here which are recommended by me to buy.

start a blog
The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog and Make Money from your blog. Your Blog is your business read this guide and start a blog or make money

These are shared hosting plan prices

Basic- 249 Rs/Year or 3.85$/Year

Standard- 549 Rs/Year or 8.48$/Year

Advance- 999 Rs/Year or 15.44$/Year

Unlimited- 1999 Rs/Year or 30.89$/Year


I strongly recommend you to buy unlimited plan because it is the best plan which I am using on BloggingPub as well as for some other sites of mine because with this plan we can host unlimited websites in one plan.


So What you think “ Isn’t this a good deal to start your blogging career because in very cheap price you are going to start with a unlimited space hosting plan.


Note: Now this is upon you which plan you want according to your need as you are my readers its my duty to tell you my suggestions. The plan you buy is must be according to your need not buy any plans with my suggestions.


So Unlimited  wbsite hosting plan is my suggestion in just 30.89$/Year Only. Click Here


Note: There is no need to apply any Globehost Coupon code as this link will automatically redirect you to discount page. Activate Discount.


Few Things to Keep in Your mind to buy any hosting :


Space- Your web hosting company msut be offering unlimited space.


Unlimited Domain name- In other hosting plans apart from unlimited every hosting plan is offering only one domain to host.

That’s why I suggested you to buy unlimited plan because it allows you to create unlimited websites with one hosting plan. So always go for the hosting plan which provides unlimited domains to host.


Support- This is very crucial. Your hosting company must have a 24*7 support system. In case of any problems, you can contact them anytime and get your problem solved. As per my experience ,Globehost is having a good support system.


Bandwidth- This is a little technical term. In short, your bandwidth decides the amount of traffic( number of visitors )your website can handle. So always go for unlimited bandwidth.


Easy to Manage-  Various companies offer different types of admin dashboards to manage the hosting. I would like to recommend  you to go ffor c-panel because this is one one of the easiest dashboards to manage the host.



Here are step by step guide to buy hosting

1 Click on this link to activate Discount

2 Click on Hosting a menu will drop and click on shared hosting.

start a blog
The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog and Make Money from your blog. Your Blog is your business read this guide and start a blog or make money


3 Select unlimited plan as you can host unlimited sites with this plan.

start a blog
The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog and Make Money from your blog. Your Blog is your business read this guide and start a blog or make money


4  Select “ I will you my exiting domain name and change my name server. And click on use button to go ahead.

start a blog
The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog and Make Money from your blog. Your Blog is your business read this guide and start a blog or make money


5  After all this a new page open and here is the details of the bill. Click on continue

start a blog
The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog and Make Money from your blog. Your Blog is your business read this guide and start a blog or make money


6 Make payment with your Debit/Credit card or net banking and confirm your hosting plan.

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Here are some another hosting plans

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog and Make Money from your blog. Your Blog is your business read this guide and start a blog or make money


Baby plan is recommended. Buy Hosting from Hostgator. Click Here.

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog and Make Money from your blog. Your Blog is your business read this guide and start a blog or make money


Pro plan is recommended. Buy Bluehost hosting Click Here.

#4. Content Management System for Your Blog


When you create a blog you need a management system to add content your blog as everyone don’t know about coding and launguages. So you need a content management system which helps you to add new contents to your blog.


I am using wordpress for this blog which is one of the top content management system is the world having over 60 millions websites in the world running on it.


This is as simple as working with Microsoft word.


They have given great features to manage your content by which you can use to do various activiteies like blod,  italics, underline, hyperlink, clour, font size etc.

start a blog
The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog and Make Money from your blog. Your Blog is your business read this guide and start a blog or make money


Using this editor, you can custamize your content and represent it as per your site’s requirement.


WordPress gives you freedom to install plugins which will enhance your blog’s functionality and make your site more attractive.


In my recent article, I talked about all the plugins I am using on this blog. You can check that article and install the required plugins on your blog as well.


Here is the complete Interface of wordpress

Start a blog
The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog and Make Money from your blog. Your Blog is your business read this guide and start a blog or make money


Why Only WordPress?

  • This is the mostly used CMS in the world for blogging.
  • This is an open source platform where you can develop anything you want.
  • You can install new design with just a single click and customize according to your need.
  • Management of this platform is very easy and convenient.
  • Many hosting providers gives one-click installation of WordPress from the admin dashboard.
  • This gives you freedom to enhance easily with the help of plugins and you can easily manage your content.
  • In the case of any issue, you can get help from thousands of WordPress user in the community and many bloggers who are using wodpress for their blogs.

And there are other tons of advantages which you’ll come to know after using this CMS.

In the last of this article I will give a video so that you can understand how to install wordpress.


After installing WordPress and setting up all the things check the plugins which I am using on my blog and learn how to install plugins here.


#5. Grab All Social Media Identities for Blog

All big companies have integrated social media into their business to promote their product and making easy connections with their clients.


They are launching their products exclusively on social media sites and interacting with their customers directly.


So the very first task after buying a domain, hosting and setting WordPress is grabbing all your social media identities like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pintrest, Tumbler etc.


You can check the availability of your business by going to ,


Here it is showing availability of my username bloggingpub on various social media sites.


#6. Find a Perfect Theme To Star a Blog


WordPress portal itself  has  lots of themes.


You can pick the theme as per your blog’s category and install it easily.


I personally recommend MyThemeShop, and ThemeForest for finding a perfect theme for your blog. On ThemeForest, you can select the theme from various categories like creative, health, blog, retail, business, entertainment, technology, real estate, education and other categories.


Few things to keep in mind before buying WordPress theme


  • Make sure that you are buying unlimited sites license.
  • The theme must be easy to manage.
  • The theme must have compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • The theme must be responsive (capable of changing layout on a mobile device).
  • Theme must suit your blog’s category.
  • Theme must be SEO friendly
  • Theme must be easily loadable
  • Theme must be in an attractive look

After getting your theme install it in your wordpress and start custamizing it according to your need.


#7. Start Writing Your Own Content

Yeah.. Start writing from today itself by reading blogs online on your topic of blogging. Create new content make some experiments and produce new content.


One thing always keep in mind while writing your content is that never forget to do SEO of the content which is backbone factor for a article.


Your blog is nothing without you. All you’ll have to do to make it a blog is start writing today.


No matter how well you are in English, no matter how much knowledge do you have about your subject, and no matter how do you feel about your writing, your blog will grow only and only when you’ll start writing.


For starting your blogging career you have to write yourself. Analyse the things work on that. As a blogger I am suggesting you to copy other bloggers not their content. Read out their articles and write your on with your onw launuage and with your own style and with your on knowledge after reading too many blogs.


With this if any one ask any question to you. You will be able to give them answer of their question. Always write after exploring the things.


With time you’ll start getting writing ideas, and your readers will start enjoying/reading what you say.


But the first thing is WRITING.


Take help from your friends, read more about your subject, pay attention to the newspaper, read new blogs before writing on any keyword search that particular keyword on google and start rading the leaders blog in that particular topic by which you get the idea to writing the things in a proper way  and start collecting the fresh ideas about your subject.


You are just one step away to open the door of blogging for you.




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The man who is inspiring us in this blogging field is one and only Kulwant Nagi owner/founder of