3 Hidden Security Risks for WordPress Users

WordPress is not only free content management system but has also provided users with different useful features too. However, there are certain security risks involved in it which you must know before getting started with WordPress. Although, WordPress has benefitted millions of business owners to avail the free hosting services of WordPress, but a user should be aware of the hidden security risks. A layperson is usually oblivious of these risks and that is the reason there are various cases of hacking seen on WordPress on daily basis. 3 hidden security risks for WordPress users are discussed in this article.

  1. Hacking Attacks On WordPress

WordPress updates the system at regular intervals but still, there are some active malicious factors. URLs are being hacked and your website can be turned into a spam. Because the structure of WordPress is vulnerable to some specific types of attacks and that’s why hackers find it easy to access your website. You can protect your website by converting it to .htaccess file; this file prevents hackers from accessing your codes and maligning your website. This feature is available for Apache web hosting users. Users are also advised to use strong passwords which are not easy to predict. Weak passwords can be victimized by Brute Force Attacks.

  1. Insecure Logins on WordPress

All logins are placed at the similar address across URLs, it means that almost all WordPress logins can be found here and default logins are not protected at all. The passwords can be easily accessed by the hackers. If you want to protect your website from malicious attacks you can use Limit Login Attempts Plugin. You can also block the IP address that is found in making unauthorized login attempts every day. The hackers try different combinations and luckily get successful in getting login access.


  1. Themes are not Secured

The themes look quite attractive for your website but alas these themes are not well protected against the hacking attacks. Paid themes are secure to use as they can prevent hacking attacks but free themes are full of untraceable spam links and they are going to affect the website as soon as its download is complete. Themes containing malware can be used for cybercrimes as well. some of these issues were seen in 2014 when thousands of websites were attacked. To prevent this, you can download the theme from trustworthy sources. You can also use antivirus programs installed on your computers to identify any virus prior to its download. It will keep you on safe side.

These were some of the security risks for WordPress users. Undoubtedly, WordPress is the most popular content management system and is quite user friendly as well. But, developers should take some practical steps to make it more secure against hacking attacks. This will make WordPress more credible and authentic for its users. Developers have to seriously think about this grave concern otherwise, WordPress would lose its popularity among the users and they will choose other available options.

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