Top 20 popular blogs on blogspot you should follow

                                    Top 20 popular blogs on blogspot

popular blogs on blogspot

When a newbie blogger start blogging they should go on Blogspot after some time they move on WordPress. But they don’t know this is official hosting of google at free of cost. Many popular blogs on blogspot are famous for their style and dashing look. WordPress blogs are easy to use but they provide many options like plugin etc.


Similar blogspot provide us a opportunity. You can customize your blog, you can change your blog layout and many more things.


I will give you live example of most popular blogs on Blogspot.  They are awesome and speechless, you can see and tell me the result.


List of blogspot sites of Top 20 most popular blogs on blogspot

  1. Official Google Blog–
  2. PostSecret–
  3. one red paperclip–
  4. indexed–
  5. Eschaton–
  6. Google Webmaster Central–
  7. Baghdad Burning–
  8. Design*Sponge–
  9. The Sartorialist–
  10. Where is Raed ?–
  11. Google Maps Mania–
  12. Face Hunter–
  13. Camera Toss (The Blog)–
  14. Vegan Lunch Box–
  15. Music thing–
  16. Strobist–
  17. The Angry Arab News Service–
  18. Official Google Reader Blog–
  19. Official Google Video Blog–
  20. Blogger templates–

21. Trickypedia For Tricks and Technews

Best  blogspot  blogs to follow

These are above blogs best  to follow on blogspot  plateform for your information. After see you can thought that you should start your own blog using this free plate form. Because when you buy a domain and purchase hosting after  spending one year your blog will become stable and hosting companies charges big amount, for starting a new blog I recommend you use blogspot.


Last word:

I hope you enjoy this post and gathering the information of popular blogs on blogspot. If you have not enough money then you should start this plate form , this is best.

When your blog become stable then you purchase your domain and hosting and start premium blog.

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