Top Trust Symbol for Online Business

Top Trust Symbol for Online Business

Running a successful online business can be easier said than done; especially when it comes to small businesses. Now, online business success is all about mastering user experience in a bid to convert more users to your platform. However, how do you sell your business to the digital consumer? Well, we will be telling you how you can build trust among consumers using what are known as trust symbols. Let’s get started.

Factors That Impact Online Sales

For starters, building your online business around proper user experience will need you to understand more about what makes the customers tick. To do this, let’s look into some of the factors that can make or break online sales:

  1. Product Pricing

The chances are that your business isn’t a monopoly and you are in competition with other like-minded business. In this case; you need to align your product pricing to fit in with the market. The beauty in these days that, you can easily do some research on your competitors to get more info on this and get the pricing right. Remember, consumers will always want to go with the cheaper option, and even a discount markup on your products can help get you that coveted sale.

  1. Product Quality

It’s not just always about pricing, but product quality comes in handy to build a long-term rapport in your niche. Everyone wants to buy a product that they remember and; you need to ensure that you are selling top quality products. You need to keep them coming and earn referrals to your business.

  1. Return Policy

Customers buying online are always wary of getting the products they may not like. Say, if someone doesn’t want the colour of a product shipped. Can they return it and get the right colour? Can they be refunded if a deal goes wrong? These are some of the questions consumer want to know before clicking on the buy button. Thus, you ought to ensure you have a friendly policy if you are to attract more sales.

  1. Security

Now, can your site be trusted with sensitive transactions? Yes, that’s one of the most important factors nowadays; as the web attacks escalate!. You have to keep an eye on the security of your e-commerce business and assure your customers that they can trust you to protect them against any sort of attacks.

  1. Shipping Time & Cost

Who wants to pay a lot for shipping; or wait long to get the product delivered? People wish for an online store that can guarantee free or affordable shipping while keeping the time to delivered, low. In fact, same day shipping is the most suitable option, but it shouldn’t take many days if the consumer is in the same country.

  1. Website Design

Just like in a brick and mortar business, the way your business looks can actually attract or fend off customers. In an online business, your site is more like the face of your business, therefore a lot of work should be put into getting everything from branding to product descriptions right. Your site should be very easy to navigate through while the process of checking out and making payments should very easy for the consumer.

Now that you know a thing or two about factors that affect online sales, let’s now take a look at how you can use trust symbols to your business’ advantage-attracting more conversions!

  1. Symbols badge To Improve Online Sales

Trust seals or rather, symbols are basically those visual cues(mostly logos), from third party product and service vendors which enhances your site’s credibility in the eyes of consumers. There are a lot of trust seals that are good for online businesses but which ones can do the sales magic for you? Let’s review the essential ones you can start using.

  1. SSL Certificate

The first and probably the most important trust factor is security, and it can easily obtain through an SSL Certificate. This is a certificate issued by a trusted Central Authority to show consumers that your website has an SSL certificate installed on the server and all the data secured from severe network breach. Consumers are scared of attackers meaning that this SSL Certificate will give them confidence that they are secure to do business with you. All you need to do is get a low-cost SSL Certificate of trusted Certificate Authorities to enable HTTPS on your website. You can obtain such SSL certificate from a reseller like Cheap SSL Shop.

  1. Social Media Icons

Embedding social media icons linking to your social pages is the simplest way to show those who don’t know you that you actually exist and you are social! First-time users looking for information often resort to digging into social information to get to know you better. They can assess consumer reviews this way and even get a feel for the support available should they run into a glitch.

  1. Better Business Bureau

Some consumers are often looking to find out if your business is actually genuine and BBB accreditation is one of the ways to show them that your business is good to go All you need is a link that can be placed on your website or social media pages pointing to your BBB page, and customers can have confidence in your business practices.

  1. Payment Support – PayPal, Credit Card Seals

You can also flaunt your payment support options through embedded seals to show your customers that your checkouts are secure. Frankly, having proper and known third payment partners like PayPal, Mastercard will not only improve conversions but it will save you the trouble of handling payment data and transactions in a security paradigm.

  1. Money Back Guarantee

This is a symbol that shows the consumer that they are entitled to getting their money back if they aren’t satisfied with the product.  Research has shown that this technique tends to increase the customers’ feeling of satisfaction with their purchase experience. The key here is to balance between the benefits and the costs of this policy.

Final Remarks: Don’t Cheat!

That’s it but remember, don’t use fake seals to consumers. After all, you can just work with free trust symbols and those you can afford. Also, don’t overdo it, as having a lot of trust seals even if authentic, can damage brand side of your business.

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