Case study: Micro niche websites made for me $111.04/ mo

 Case study: Micro niche websites made for me $111.04/ mo

Micro niches websites are very short topic websites which is you select from amazon, clickbank, shareasale, cjunction etc.

When I start blogging in 2016 I don’t know about micro niche market.  I start reading blogs and immediately start my blog Blogging Pub.

I start my blog without any selection of topic which are already others bloggers are select niche I am also select that niche without knowing the niche market competition.

After 18 months later I realize that so many bloggers are there in this industry I cannot compete them but I don’t give up , because I am confident one day I will compete  them.

But spending a lot of time I cannot earn a single dollar then I start micro niche websites.

Big Sorryy   I cannot reveal that micro niche website. It give me $100+ / month.

How can you select Micro niche market:

First you are deep search about your market which have lowest competition , you can find the competition and search volume with Kwfinder ( I review this tool deeply you read it ).

After search the keyword then you Make the ideas how can you pick the domain, which is related to your micro  website.


How to work with your micro niche website

When you are start micro website then you select lowest competition keyword around 2000 monthly searches.

Then you have to select atleast 20-25 keywords related to your niche  which have also 1000-2000 monthly searches.

Now you are writing the articles atleast 2500+ words article with detail information.

You start to make a video about your website atleast 1-5 videos which is bringing traffic for your website and also make the backlink on a daily basis 1-3 high authority backlinks ( You follow Backlinko ).

That’s  it!

Your website are rank in 2-3 weeks and you make the money.


If you cannot do it then I have a solution to make a micro niche website for you.

I make a website for you which is full your pocket on a monthly basis and you enjoy your life.



Domain name and hosting is you purchased  ( I research the  market and pick the keyword for domain name and I suggest you buy that domain name after purchasing domain you have to install wordpress on that domain name and handle me).


I give you 5 article and 1 video. I work on it for 1 month and rank that keywords and you get the traffic.


Potential Earning : FROM ADSENCE  $1-$5 on a daily basis which is vary up and down.

You have to no work on it. If you desire then you write article on it and update it. This is your wish.


For this whole process I charged 15000 rupees .

For more quries you can contact me [email protected]


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