Kwfinder Review [ 10% off] : Best Keyword Research Tool

Kwfinder review : Best keyword research tool

A newbie or old blogger everyone want to make money. Every  one thought that i make 5-6 figure.Some bloggers don’t care about this write article for a passion.

In starting i don’t know about keyword and which is best keyword research tool.

How to find keywords ?

I read other blogs and start copy their material and paste on my blog [ my old blog]. Thats  it.

But you know keyword is the backbone of content , without backbone content not survive for a long time.Then i feel that this method  is not work for long time so  i quit this method.

Then i start to find keyword.

I used  google keyword planner to find keywords. It is best keyword research tool.   There are so many other keywords tools to find keywords.

I put my keyword in this tool and find keyword suggestion .  From which i take keywords from  this keyword tool.I select those keywords which have low competition and start targeting  them in my article.


best keyword research tool

But  i am completely  wrong .

Low competition or high competition depending  on advertiser.

Note :  High competition means no. Of advertiser are more and low competition means no. Of advertiser are less.Here competition word cannot affect that which keyword we find that are rank or not.

So that high, low, medium competition has no relation with your keyword when you are targeting them as a publisher.

So next time make sure that you are not doing this mistake.


It tells about only advertiser.

Now problems are there how can i choose keyword, which keyword are ranked easily or which keyword are ranked hard.

So what Kwfinder can do here ?

I am completely  agree with you how to find keyword which are rank easily and i make so much money from it.

I drive lot of traffic from that keyword.

I rank my blog post in google on first page.

There are so many questions in our  mind.

So  i use kwfinder best  keyword research tool  and solve so many problems about  keyword research and make money online.


How to start  KWfinder Best Keyword Research Tool

Step 1:   Put your keyword. Before putting keyword you must know where you can rank your keyword like USA,UK,CANADA, INDIA etc.

Step 2:  Select the country where you want to rank.

Step 3: Language:  Here which language’s  keyword you choose select that language.

Step 4:  click on find keywords


best keyword research tool

It start fetching the keyword  and give us a result.

Their i see trending ,cpc,ppc etc.

Screen shot :

best keyword research tool


Now the actual game will be start :

There are two window open one is  left side other one right side.

You will see

best keyword research tool


In left side window which keyword we research , that keywords result are their.


It will check for particular keyword:

  1. Trend  [ Trend of  searches in last 12 month]
  2. Search  [ Average monthly search  volume in last 12 months ]
  3. CPC  [ average cost per click]
  4. PPC [ Level of competition in advertising ]
  5. Difficulty  [ Keyword seo difficulty based on seo stats ( DA,PA,MR,MT)  of the pages on first google SERP.



When you click on result filter  there are so many option .


best keyword research tool

You will search monthly result  min. And max.

CPC, PPC,  SEO difficulty, include and exclude keywords and no. Of words. You will choose according to your own opinion.

Now in right side window  more data is give about related keyword.


best keyword research tool

It will show the keyword seo difficulty  and their result from 100 scores. Whether it is rank or not. If rank then easily , hard or possible as well as show the monthly searches of keyword.

Here it’s going to compare your keyword with top 10 competitors and calculate the keyword competitiveness according to that


best keyword research tool

It will check

  1. SEO difficulty
  2. Domain authority
  3. Page authority
  4. Citation flow
  5. Trust flow
  6. Moz Rank
  7. Moz Trust
  8. Links
  9. Facebook shares
  10. Google plus share


And other important factors which help in ranking.

In SERP checker  we check also whether  that keyword are open in mobile or desktop.


I always select those keyword  which have competition less than 40 . So the keyword I shown above the perfectly targeted keyword.

How much does this software costs?

It have 3 plan

  • Premium
  • Basic
  • Free

In annual plan system you have to pay for


You have to pay  $ 588 $299 for getting premium feature.


You have to pay $348 ,$149 for getting basic feature.

50% discount automatically applied for purchase on one year.


In monthly plan system


$49/ month


$29/ month


Note :  In free system you just find 3 keywords in a day

But for Blogging Pub readers I have arranged special discount which is going to 10% of giving plans.


Special note : This is your best investment in your online business / carrier.

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