BPIS 1: Interview with social media expert Carmen Lascu

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When i start blogging in 2016 , my dream to make money from home. I don’t know how it is possible but after some struggling task. I reach that point how to make money online.


You know social media’s important role in blogging. Without social media me/ you cannot reach our post in front of readers.Using social media i improve  traffic for my blog.


 One day i meet with with Carmen Lascu on twitter. She is house wife and her cute daughter name is Jessica. Her blog name is also Carmen Lascu.

Carmen Lascu is  a Social Media Expert, Blogger and Author, living in Southampton, UK.


She is a former journalist with over 14 years of experience in Media, Public Relations, Marketing, Events, Training, Business Development and Social Media.

She has a Bachelor Degree in Communications, a Master Degree in Multimedia Production and a certificate in Online Marketing issued by Google’s Digital Garage.


She is Finalist of UK Blog Awards 2017

 She is Finalist of Top 10 Social Media Blogs worldwide

Social Media Examiner and Featured in Top 50 Social Media Influencers

I requested her for the interview on Blogging Pub.


So today we have to talk about social media expert, blogger and author.

Let’s start



Carmen Lascu, I am very happy to have you on my blog. Please tell us about you
I am good Sunil. I am Blogger and Author, living in Southampton, UK.

1  How the idea to enter into internet marketing came in your mind and what big problems you faced in your starting days?

I started blogging to help businesses grow online using social media. My initial plan wasn’t to make money from blogging, it was more to help other people by offering useful and practical information and providing my social media management services. Soon after that I started to look into other streams of making money. 

2  According to you what are the biggest challenges of blogging.

The biggest challenge is to make your blog known. For me it was relatively easy because I started my Twitter account a couple of months before I started blogging so I had a small audience interested in my posts. When I started blogging I already had followers interested to read my content. Social media plays an important role in promoting your blog and reaching a wide audience. 

3  Which are your most favourite topics on your blog?

Social media, blogging and digital marketing in general. 

4  How much attention you are paying for your blog’s SEO? and what efforts are you making to make it more SEO friendly?

SEO is very important and I try to optimise every single page, post and image. I usually use plugins to help me do this. 

5  How much time do you spend on social media promotion and SEO of your blog?

Too much on social media. If you want to grow your followers and engage with your audience you need to be active on social media. SEO is not taking too because I only do the optimisation when I post a new content. I don’t do link building and other techniques. 

6  Apart from monetizing with AdSense what are the other methods you using to make money with your blog give us the name?

I used to do affiliate marketing via Click bank, CJ and Amazon. Now I removed all them and only use Skimlinks. I also sell my social media books. 

7  What are your favorite books and motivational videos?

I used to be interested in books and videos with teachings from Brian Tracey, John Kehoe, Rhonda Bryan and Bob Proctor but recently I found out that the best motivational book is The Bible. What other motivational advice do you need than being reassured that God loves you and wants you to be happy. Feel love and faith in God and you will have peace and joy in your life. 

8  If you were given $100 to start from today, where would you spend them wisely?

Hard question, I guess this depends on where you are. My advice would be to invest in learning new skills and buying a social media management app if you have more than one accounts. 

9 Which are your favorite blogs?

And mine of course 😊 https://carmenlascu.com/blog/ 

10 Blogging have different definition for different person. What is it for you?

I personally see blogging like writing for a magazine where you share your thoughts and expertise.  Make sure you know who you write for, this is the most important thing when you blog. Know who is your audience. 

11 On how many blogs you are working now and tell us the name of your blogs?

Only on my blog https://carmenlascu.com/blog/ 
I write occasionally on the following platforms

12 How much you earn monthly from your all blogs?

Sorry, but I can’t answer to this question. It doesn’t make a living because my purpose wasn’t and is not to make a fortune from my blog. I see blogging as a way to help people rather than making money. 

13 Message for my readers or newbie bloggers

Make sure you know who do you write for (know your audience) and build up your social media presence before you start blogging (or soon after you started). 


So this is a interview of Carmen Lascu.  I hope you learn many things from this interview. Please keep stay with Blogging Pub.

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