BPIS 4: Interview with Nikhil Makwana from bforblogging.com

When I started blogging in 2016 , I don’t know about anything but I have confidence to make money online. After reading a lot of blog suddenly I met with Nikhil Makwana from bforblogging online.

He is very simple and valuable person who can listen every problem very carefully and he could  help me to survive in online industry.

He loves to roam in the world of the digital marketing world and passionate about the various trends of digital and technology gears.
He will shout out loud about BforBlogging and will share exciting stuff as like his exciting experience.

I request him to interview for bloggingpub and he is agree


Now let’s start


  1. When and how you started Blogging?

Blogging was an unknown word for me. A workshop organized by “Google Business Group” in the year 2013 at Ahmedabad, inspired me to make money with blogging. A topic we were discussing “Blogging and how a person can make money out if it”. 


It was a motivational class and motivated me, to begin with, blogging.


I’ve started with imnikhil.com and one more domain as experimental blogs, which was my first step towards to the blogging. I have tested few tricks that worked, and magic happened. I earned the first buck from the blogging. 

  1. What is your Educational Background?

I am holding a Bachelor Degree with a married tag.


  1. What was the biggest obstacle when you started blogging?

There are many roadblocks I attended in the journey blogging. I remember an unusual moment when I was completely frustrated and almost decided to give up and quit blogging. That awkward was picking up the blogging niche without doing proper research. 


I did what I decided. I quit that blog but not blogging. I learned from my mistake and researched well for a profitable niche before starting a new blog, and it worked.

  1. Were your parents with you when you started blogging? How they encouraged you or discouraged you?

Off-course they supported me and encouraged me.

5. The best thing you did for building your Blog?

User experience. I have never focused more on making my blog search engine friendly. My core focus was, is and will be for user experience. Every time I taste things to optimize my blog to provide best user experience, and that is the secret of my all blogs’ success.

6. How you are making money from blog?

There are many ways I am making money from my blog. I have listed them all in this article.


Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense, and Sponsors Posts are my top three income sources from my blogs.

  1. How people behave with you when they know you are a successful blogger?

People love to listen to my success stories. Their behavior when I say “I achieved this and that” and even when they find (I really mean by finding) the success of my blog, they greet me.


The only thing for this positive attitude of people from my network is a mindset and space I have acquired in their hearts. I acknowledge their questions based on my experience and they find it very helpful to build their success too.


  1. Which blog do you open daily (Favorite Websites).

Too many, but if I share top 5 blogs I often read daily are:

  1. https://www.theverge.com/
  2. https://www.igeeksblog.com/
  3. http://searchengineland.com/
  4. https://techcrunch.com/
  5. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

9.How Much time do you spend daily for Blogging?

Full-Time Blogger. These two words describe how much time I spend for blogging. I have practiced myself to work with freedom. You can assume that I spent 24 hours a day for blogging and you caught it right, as I dream about blogging too. But if I calculate productive hours in a day, then I spent nearly 8-9 hours a day in blogging.

10. Apart from Blogging what other things you Do?

Professionally nothing, but apart from blogging, I enjoy my God-gifted life. I travel a lot, a cook (only when I am alone at my home), blogger-scientist and Digital Marketer.

  1. How a writer can make money on the internet and what are the sources to make money?

There are many ways that writer can make money on the Internet. Plenty of sites which pay a good amount to write for them. A writer can work as a freelancer for them. I have listed more than 65+ sites which pay writers to write about anything.

  1.  Message for my readers

Short Message: “Keep Blogging and Keep Continue to Make Money Online”. My only thought and message to all blogger friends are never quit blogging. If needed then don’t think too much and leave that blog.


Last word:

I hope you enjoy the interview of bforblogging  owner  Mr. Nikhil Makwana. He is very peaceful person and calm behavior.

You could learn so much from him and become motivated and do blogging with new passion.

Thanks !

Bforblogging   [ Owner Nikhil Makwana ]

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