How Much Does Shared Hosting Cost?

How Much Does Shared Hosting Cost?


Before you get your website online, you face the need to choose a hosting provider, which would enable you to share your message with the world, be it a blog or an e-store. Finding a decent shared hosting option can be a challenge, and planning your hosting budget is a tricky thing. Some price tags may look alluring, but there may be a poor quality server hiding behind them.


How Shared Hosting Cost is Shaped


The definition of a shared hosting implies it is inferior to private and dedicated servers: just like with sharing something with the public in our real corrupt world, you run the risk of not finding it where it should be when you need it.


Shared hosting reminds of a dormitory: once you have decided to brush your teeth before going to bed, you head to the bathroom only to find someone bathing there (if you are lucky, you will be tenth in the queue). When you return to your sofa, you find another guy sitting on it. It’s not that sharing is a bad concept by nature – no sir. It’s just that you have to cope with limitations, and it is also true of shared hosting.


Actually, being cramped makes the websites cooped up within the premises of shared servers cost way less: who would be bold enough to charge a lot for a corner with no room to swing a cat? Yet it appears there are gutsy providers out there.


The cost of shared hosting depends on several factors:

  • How crowded servers actually are;
  • What features are included;
  • How many years are included in your plan;
  • What kind of support you can expect;
  • Market situation.


Evidently, the promises are always more attractive than the actual service you will use: it’s the good old “unlimited” everything, awesome support, and good neighbours promised, which turn out to be strict limits, I-will-escalate-your-concerns, and frequent downtimes. It is possible to find affordable shared hosting with decent performance–well, that’s what this website is for–but it takes time to find a hosting provider that is worth recommending.


You get what you pay for


It’s the same thing as with any other product or service: if it’s stunningly cheap, it is more likely to be poor quality.


The costs of shared hosting may vary, starting from $0.33/mo (123Systems). The opposite is the price tag of $18.33/mo (SurpassHosting). The average price is around $2. For a couple of dollars, you can use good shared hosting services provided by reputable companies.


Among the hosting providers with highest ranks and affordable prices are the following:

  • GlobeHosting – $0.60/mo
  • HostOnNet – $0.83/mo
  • 2GBHosting – $0.83/mo
  • Neostrada – $1.05/mo, etc.


As a general rule, using hosting services that cost around $1 or even less is not recommended. Still, there are small companies that manage to keep their servers working without making them overcrowded, so if you feel that this particular provider is reliable enough to give it a try, why not?


Many hosting industry old-timers advise to spend a couple of dollars more and be sure the server performance will be up to the mark.


Too good to be true


When you see a price tag that seems to be just what you need, you should remember that the price is likely to be higher a year later. You can lock the price by choosing a triennial plan, but it can be a disadvantage, should you be disappointed by the service. However, if you are sure the hosting provider can be trusted, purchasing more at a time can help you save money.


Another piece of advice often heard is not to choose cheap plans offered by major companies. On the one hand, it is reasonable, as the avalanche of customers makes servers overcrowded, which leads to poor performance, downtime, etc. On the other hand, industry giants can provide their clients with some guarantees (read terms of use carefully before purchasing, as there may be conditions you will not like!).


The bottom line is that if you do not know which hosting provider to buy from, take into account its rank on our website, do some research, and choose the one with positive reviews and few technical issues – in most cases, $1 hosting plans fail to fit the definite.


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