Guest Posting Is Open On BloggingPub :-)

Guest posting is open on Blogging Pub


I am very happy to announce that i start a guest  posting on my blog  Blogging  Pub.


Guest  posting is  a  big backlink of  a blog,  with the help of guest post others blog readers are knowing  about you. They interact with you  and inspire from you .


Some bloggers do not do guest post they start lose their big and important backlink.


You know without backlink post is not rank.

I am happy to tell you that you can write here now.


guest posting

Why i start guest posting ?

With the help of guest posting  a big relation is make with others bloggers which is beneficial for a blog owners and their blog.


Some bloggers are already to sit  doing  a guest posting .

I have many reason to start a guest posting


  • Targeted traffic :  With the help of guest posts  bloggers starting share their guest post because of this targeted traffic receive my blog.


  • Relationship with bloggers: I want to start making a relationship with other bloggers so that i make my identity in blogging industry  and i survive for long time in blogging industry.


  • Quality article : I start guest posting because i accept this time only high quality article which is unique.


  • More sharing : when a bloggers start a guest posting after write a guest post they share their post with the help of them , my blog are more share.


Guidelines  for guest posting


  • You will have to send me details like desired username, email ID to register, your website etc.
  • Make sure you have Gravatar for your email ID enabled. If you don’t have, I will not make your article live.
  • Replying on each and every comment is must to do task for you.
  • Don’t include more than 1 link in author bio (in few cases I can take 2).
  • Don’t link any unnecessary article in article’s body.
  • Make sure that BloggingPub don’t have article on that topic.
  • You can upload images, so choose them very carefully and give Image Credit.
  • Article must have atleast 700 words.
  • Don’t add any kind of affiliate link in article’s body or author bio.
  • Article must be written in English


Note:  if you want  to promote your product or business then you can contact me personally on my email address   [email protected].  Send all the requirements for guest post on [email protected]

5 thoughts on “Guest Posting Is Open On BloggingPub :-)”

  1. Hey there,

    I would love to do guest blogging but you need serious changes on your blog first. Instead of using admin, please start using your real name or just nothing but having admin there wouldn’t get you personal connections.

    I would love to get connected with you and we can do the posting on each other’s blog.

    Happy blogging!

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