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GeneratePress review

Are you serious about your blog?

The blog is not looking pretty, wonderful, fast and schema optimized. Then you come to right place.

I give you all solution to your problem. When I start blogging then I sit at your condition and don”t get anything but with respect to time I understand. 

Don”t worry!   I am with you

Today I tell you one and only simple, wonderful, amazing, life changer theme which I use personally on my blog last 6 month I feel so amazing and my blog is faster and it is a good signal for any blog.

Generate press is a WordPress theme created by Tom Usborne. It was initially created to be
used as the base for developing themes of web designing.

At first, this was free. As it gained popularity people were demanding or rather wanting more features. But Tom Usborne was intending to keep it light for the developers who need a lightweight base for their websites.

As a result, came into existence the interchangeable add-ons which mean that features can be
enabled or disabled as per the requirements. Along with high WordPress coding standards, it
also incorporates well-coded plugins including Woocommerce, bbpress etc.

Generate press uses valid HTML microdata translated over 29 languages. Generate press includes 9 widget areas, 5 navigation positions, 5 sidebar layouts, drop-down menus and a back to top button.

It also has a blog layout and a shop section. All our options use the native WordPress
Customizer, which means that anyone can see every change they make instantly before
pressing the publish button.

Following are the characteristic attributes of the Generate press theme:

generatepress review



● Fast and lightweight – The main idea behind Generate press was to create a lightweight
base theme. The default theme is basic but a number of modular add-ons can be used.

● Reactive and Browser friendly – It is designed in such a manner that it can work on
different vital browsers. It is also not difficult to work on smaller screens as this is mobile

● The design is customizable – This means that the appearance of the design can be
customized by adjusting different features.

● Microdata integrated – Generate press has integration and thereby making
it SEO friendly.

● Generate press add-ons – various addon plugins are available which are interchangeable
in nature. Thereby saving the theme from getting puffed up with different features which
the user may not even use. There are numerous add-ons available.

Cost of each addon is $7to $10 if bought individually. But there is another option, users can get a
Generate press Premium and statement of $39.95. This will give the users all the
addons packaged as a single plugin.

The add-ons available in the Generate press premium version are-

generatepress review


















Generate press free vs premium:

As said earlier Generate press is available both free and in the premium version. If the user is
not looking for different customizing options and just requires the basic development theme then
the free version is appropriate.

But if the user wants other features to be added with respect to
customization then they will require the premium version and get a lot of templates.


Generate press free is mobile responsive. It has got all the basic choices regarding
customization like font family, font size, logo, background colour and so on. It is microdata
integrated and contains custom CSS options.

But if the CSS code is not something you want to
come across then Generate press premium will help you. By using GP Premium plugin this
version can be activated and used. Once the GP Premium is activated you get access to the
additional features.

The 14 add-ons available will help you customize better.
Import and export of each and every aspect theme are possible. Moreover for customizing there
is no need of editing the code.


Therefore we see that Generate press is an outstanding flexible and lightweight theme. This is a
well-developed theme which can be both used as a basic default theme and a customised
the theme as per users choice and needs.


Even if you are not into coding but keep interest in
website designing Generate press is the best solution. Generate press has also got a community
which can help both the beginners and the advanced users. It has helping forums for both free
and premium users.

You should buy this amazing theme for your blogs.

Generate press Premium and statement of $39.95


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