BPIS 5: Interview With Manik and Pankaj Sharma

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Today I represent the interview with $13000  guys  ( owner of POPOINDIA.COM)  who made with Adsense and live their life as a king” STYLE.

I meet with on facebook and request them to share their experience with my users so that you know more about blogging.

Now  I represent Manik and Pankaj Sharma.





Please introduce yourself.

– Hi, First of all, Thanks Bloggingpub for this interview Well, Me & Manik we both are 22-year-old cousins and business partners as well. We startedPOPOindia company in 2011 and made it profitable in the field of Digital Marketing.

How you started blogging and tell us your struggle in the blogging field.

– We Started our First Site in 2011 (Techbook) and there was no struggle only learning.

How you drive traffic to your blog, give some tips to drive traffic.

– With SEO, SMM, PPC

How many countries have you travelled with the laptop lifestyle?

– Dubai, Canada

can you suggest blogging as a career if yes then mention which difficulties to overcome?

– If you have a love for writing then for sure go ahead otherwise don’t waste your time if you only are behind few bucks.

How much you earn on monthly basis from laptop lifestyle.

– We already revealed how much we are making in our youtube channel, Whatever we are earning is not fixed income!

According to you if a newbie comes in blogging industry then how many days they are waiting for making their first dollar.

– Its Depend on them how much smart work they do. Some people taste success within 1 or 2 months some takes 6 months or a year as well, We Got Our first income from Adsense in 2014 after 3 years of starting our career 🙂

Are you into affiliate marketing if yes then tell us our audience your strategy.

– Yes, We do Affiliate Marketing, I think if you want to be successful in affiliate world you have to Choose Great Niche and do proper research on that! I saw most of the people just start copying others to make money fast and when they don’t get any sale they quit! So first They have to Learn how this affiliate system work.

According to you what is the best blueprint to rank a website/blog post? which type of backlinks is necessary?

– Choose a Low competitive niche, Do Keyword research, focus on long tail keywords as well, Do on page SEO (Internal linking, title, tags)

Do off page Get Links from Guest Post this is the best method!

Give us a blueprint to rank an ( Adsense /  Affiliate niche)  micro niche website?

-Same an above answer

Message for our readers?

It is Time to make some money! Go and work on your sites and fulfil your dreams

Google Adsense is a Blank Cheque it is on you how much money you can fill in it! If you are still struggling you can buy our Backlink webinar. Just Google “Backlink Webinar”.







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