BPIS 3: Interview with freelancer Himani KanKaria [ Digital Marketing Specialist]

Freelancer is good source of working as a digital marketing because you are not bind you are freely to do work with your clients.

One day I meet with Himani Kankaria on twitter. She is so passionate about their work and her behavior is so cool and amazing. Himani Kankaria ji meetable lady. She is , mommy, blogger , Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Influencer & Consultant | Content Marketing & MarCom Specialist .

For my readers’ motivation

 I request her to interview Himani Kankaria mam for Blogging Pub.

Let’s start

Hi Himani Kankaria mam

himani kankaria

Hi Sunil


1  Tell us about yourself ?

Frankly speaking, I am a crazy digital marketing geek with over 6 years of experience. In fact, digital marketing has always been my passion. I have helped more than 100 websites to grow digitally till now and many more to be added to my list.

I write on MediumQuoraDZoneLinkedInPulseTechSlingJay-Webmarketing, etc.

I have been also featured on an article by Karin Singh –  Do Jobseekers need a Personal Website? 7 Professionals Reveal.
2    How you came into freelancer agency?

After being an SEO for around 2 years, I had to take a break due to medical emergencies. This was the time when I had to quit my full time job and jumped into this freelancing thing.

3  How much time you spent on your client blog in starting days, and how much time you are spending now?

Blogs are something which represents a company’s brand reputation. And, this is the reason why I invest around 1 -2 days on my client’s blog as per their blog requirements.

Well, earlier, it was around 2-3 days and maximum of 5 days for lengthier posts.

4   Now these days what are you doing apart from digital marketing?

Apart from digital marketing, I consult people across the world for test automation. Being in the software industry for so long, I understand the importance of testing and specifically the automation one.

Also, I am a full time event choreographer and I teach dance to people participating in wedding functions, baby showers, ring ceremonies, annual functions (schools & corporate), and many more.

5  How much attention you are paying for your blog’s SEO? and what efforts are you making to make it more SEO friendly?

See, SEO is a process that starts right from when you start planning to write a blog/page. So, whether I am writing for my clients or myself, I have my own SEO checklist that I make sure I follow strictly. And, I must say that for most, I have secured top place on Google Rankings.

6   How much time do you spend on social media promotion and which social media you like most for online promotion?

I really put around total of 1 hour every day on social media promotion in short intervals. Also, each social media site acts differently for different industries. And, for the industry like digital marketing, mostly, Twitter & LinkedIn are the best for networking and lead generation.

7  What do you suggest my readers, can they start blog or not?

One must start blogging, if one is thorough with the following points:

* A very good and correct English speaking and writing skills

* Also, if one is passionate about writing

TIP: Don’t just write to earn money, write to learn, teach, train and connect.

8  How much you earn monthly from your work ?

Well, I earn in respect of my clients. The satisfaction level of my clients when they see around 800% increase in organic traffic in 1 year, is what makes me feel like the queen of the world.

9  How many blogs you are working on during these days?

I am currently working on 3 blogs – all 3 are not shareable due to privacy rights.

10  How can you manage all of your blog ?

Writing blogs are not that easy that you start writing just when you have your topic on hand. So, for each blog, I take out enough time to research, learn about the topic via blogs, articles, videos, etc. and then I open up my Drive to plan my content.

11 What are your future plans?

My future plans are nothing but to keep up with my learning and serving my clients to help them achieve better results via SEO, Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing as a whole.

12 How can i start as a newbie freelancer ?

See, to become a freelancer is not at all easy. You would really need to work hard and especially learn a lot. Start working on improving your writing skills, read a lot and most importantly, understand your real passion in writing about something. This is all you need to start with.

13  How to gain client as a newbie freelancer ?

To generate a lead, it is really tough for a newbie freelancer. SEO and other digital marketing stuff need a lot of investment. And, no company would easily offer the project to someone very new in the market.

So, what a newbie freelancer need to do is, grab as much technical knowledge as you can and try to have complete practical knowledge of things. And, finally you can approach companies with your extremely unique way of pitching to help them understand that you are no less than an experienced one.
14  If i can say you, you start to gain lead for my blog, how much time to take for this task?

I am very bad at lying Sunil. So, looking at your other blogs on your website, I would need to really work hard to improve the English of your blogs and then, finally can start working on SEO, SMO and other things. As per the Google’s latest video on SEO, it takes 1.5 years minimum to have appropriate SEO to show results. And, if I talk about your website, I feel it will take the same amount of time for sure.

15  Message for my readers.

All you readers of Blogging Pub, always focus on learning more & more in your niche as it will improve your knowledge and skills. And, never hesitate to implement those things in your projects that you’ve learnt. The results will either help you learn something stronger or will help you improve something stronger.

last word:

I hope you  all  enjoy interview with Himani Kankria mam. She is so much sweet and freelancer as their work. I pray you become more and more successful.

Thanks for interview Himani KanKaria mam and motivate my readers.

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  1. The line I like most from this Interview “The satisfaction level of my clients when they see around 800% increase in organic traffic in 1 year, is what makes me feel like the queen of the world.”

    Great Thoughts, I enjoyed reading this full interview.
    P.S Just tweeted

  2. The line I like most from this Interview “The satisfaction level of my clients when they see around 800% increase in organic traffic in 1 year, is what makes me feel like the queen of the world.”

    Great Thoughts, I enjoyed reading this full interview.
    P.S Just tweeted

  3. The interview you took this interview really was very beautiful and many of you got to learn from this interview. Thank you for sharing such interview series

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