BPIS 2 : Interview with Nekraj Bhartiya from Seofreetips.net

Interview with Nekraj Bhartiya from Seofreetips.net

Interview make good relationship between two bloggers and for audience this interview make motivation, so that they take advantage from this.

Without  traffic blog/website is nothing and not survive for long time.


One day I meet with Nekraj Bhartiya on twitter and he drive his blog name seofreetips.net

He has a lot of traffic technique which using  I gain traffic so much.


I request him to for interview on Blogging Pub. 



Now let’s start

1  Tell us about yourself and your childhood dreams.


Thanks Sunil .I am Internet Marketer from India who loves to write about SEO and Link building.

About Childhood Dreams:- I want to make a CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker) and Yes I have a lot of knowledge related hacking and penetration testing.


2  How much time you spent on your blog in starting days, and how much time you are spending now?


At start I spend my times on thing which don’t work .In other words I have wasted my times.

I spend about 10 Hours at start and now I spend only 6 hours[For six different field.] with one weekly off.


3   Which are your most favourite topics on your blog?

Simply It’s SEO and Link Building.

4  How much attention you are paying for your blog’s SEO? and what efforts are you making to make it more SEO friendly?

Too much because my techniques is very simple to make money online and I called it “RANK AND BANK”

So its really important to rank my keywords If I want traffic,leads and sales on auto-pilot.

5   How much time do you spend on social media promotion and which social media you like most for online promotion ?

Never more than 30 minutes a days.

For your second question You need to find where do your audience remain active.

So you can do this with a simple tool called similar web.

Simply go to similar web and find out  social traffic data of your competitier or most popular blog in your niche.

You will get idea that from which social channel those blog’s are getting traffic .

Then just be active on those platform.

For me I used my most times on Pinterest and I used tools like hootsuite,mass planner and tailwind [First is free and rest two are paid]

6  Apart from monetizing with AdSense what are the other methods you using to make money with your blog give us the name?

I do not too much  depend on AdSense . Clickbank is my primary income source.


7  How much you earn monthly from your all blogs?

Not too much but it’s between $400-$500/mo

8  How many blogs you are working on during these days?

Only 3 .

First is seofreeetips.net and rest 2 are nsfw so can not share .

9  How can you do SEO of your blog?

It depend on Keyword difficulty but my process is very simple .


#1: I bought or make some social signals[Focus especially on G+}

#2: Find competitor link using ahrefs and start link building.

You can use ranksignals which is totally free.

#3 Start link building via social bookmarks,profile link building and commenting.


I also keep track of my keyword ranks via proranktracker.com[Which is free for 20 keywords]

10  What are your future plans and how are you going to help other people?

Just to grow on better speed .

I am already helping people by blog and email.

11  From which source you get more traffic for your blog ?

#1 Search Engine

#2 Pinterest

#3 Quora


12  Message for my readers.

Never Give up.
Knowledge is worshipped in Internet marketing so keep learning on.

I hope you enjoy this interview and get good motivation from Nekraj Bhartiya from seofreetips.net

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