Blogging :Seven Ways to Make Your Job More Fun

Telecommute & Blogging

Blogging & Telecommuting is one of the best ways to make your job a fun learning process. It lets you roam around your favorite places, explore them and get your work done. Paying a visit to a friend’s house, hanging out with pals and enjoying every moment of life, is what telecommuting offers you. Pitch the idea of telecommuting to your boss and note down his reaction. If he resists, then agree to submit a work progress report twice a day.


Don’t agree to a WebCam leash if you enjoy working in the buff.

Propose a special project ON Blogging

Do you love to eat? Then create a list of 5 best-restaurants-of-the world. Do you love to travel? Then pitch a unique idea related to traveling. This will give you an edge over other employees of the company. You will get prominent blogging and your bosses will start depending on you for a variety of tasks instead of one.

Become the House Mentor

You can become the house mentor by letting people know that you love teaching. In this way, you will find one or two people who would be happy seeing you as their mentor. Since the idea of mentorship is attached to hashing out work problems so more people will come to you and avail the opportunity. Therefore, you might end up cross-mentoring.

Tweak your job description

You must have many co-workers around you who would be doing their work. You would be admiring some of their tasks while hating the other tasks. So, trade tasks with your co-workers. It will make you learn about different jobs and their nature. It will also let you grow and establish you as an opinion-oriented individual.

For example, I know a lawyer who loved holding forth in a courtroom but couldn’t stand the detailed research work. He found another lawyer in the firm who felt the opposite, whereupon they agreed that, where possible, they’d trade work.

Make your workspace feel like home

If you want to make your process of earning, a process of learning then make your workspace as comfortable as possible. If you like keeping rugs at your workstation, then go ahead. If you like to have a small painting on your cube wall, then you can do that too. If you like to be accompanied by music then you can do this too. Your comfort should be the only priority as it will not hamper your work. You will be able to work in peace.

Use at-your-desk stress busters for blogging

Your energy is really important for your work. So whenever you find that spark of energy is missing in you, just take deep breathes slowly and gradually. Tightening and loosening set of muscles are enough to revitalize you.

Make a close friend with successful blogging

Friendship really helps in work spaces. Your friend becomes your guide. He scolds you for your mistakes and appreciates you for your achievements. This friend can either be your colleague or your boss. He is someone with whom you can discuss your fears and insecurities. This is a really important factor if you want to make your job more fun and do blogging.

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