Bloggers Quit Blogging IN 2017- [ Why most bloggers quit this journey ]

Bloggers quit blogging. It is easy task to quit anything , but to maintain anything is difficult task. Many bloggers make  huge amount of money through blogging. But we cannot think that  they do so much hard work which is their present condition.  Blogging is a passion which is write from heart and honest for our readers, without making trust we cannot survive in this field.

When I start blogging  in 2016 , I cannot know about blogging but I cannot left this journey still that time I cannot earn even a single dollar.But as a newbie bloggers quit blogging. But I have confidence one day I achieve my target and make money through blogging. I say those bloggers who quit blogging , if I have not earn money from last one year but still I do blogging and I have confidence , I do that then why you cannot do it.


8 Reason of bloggers quit blogging


Lack of knowledge

If you enter any field then you now about that field. If you not know about that field then you research about that field and learn., how things are survive in this field.

bloggers quit blogging

How can you manage them ?

How can you handle them ?

How can you give time to them ?

All of questions are come in mind when we have not knowledge about  that field.

So first of all you learn about blogging, how can you write a blog post. How can you make attention of readers  with your article. There are so many things which you should know about them.

You learn and implement and then do action. Without learn you know very well it cannot possible to do blogging. You start reading blog and read every and each post deeply and understand what they want to teach you.  What is the writing style , how can they engage readers with their post etc. You learn and  make knowledge about that field.


Lack of confidence

This is common things if you have not confidence then you cannot survive any field. How can you build confidence?  You gain knowledge about that field , you automatically gain confidence and when you do practice more and more you confidence level become higher and higher with respect to time. Without confidence we cannot express our self  to our audience.

This is the big question which every newbie bloggers  ask

Why  I stopped  blogging ?

How to quit blogging ?

Because they have not self confidence to express themselves to audience. If I have knowledge about my field and I have full of confidence  about that field, then I definitely win the game.

One of my friends Kulwant Nagi owner of Blogging Cage , they learn a lot of thing with his family in a single room  for a 6 month about blogging,  they spend lot of sleepless night for blogging. Now they have brand and make money online so much. He will organize affiliate fest individually because they have confidence about their field. Confidence is key of success and overconfidence is key of failure.


Don’t Getting enough traffic

Traffic is big factor of  online industry , without traffic we cannot survive in this journey.  If we have not traffic we cannot make sale and cannot make money. There is big reason for bloggers quit blogging. Because they thought that make a new blog and do blogging for 1 month and gain traffic  a lot much , this is not possible, you have to do hard work for that.

bloggers quit blogging

If you follow right rule then you do blogging continuously 3-4 months and do promotion for you blog and then you gain traffic and also make relation with others bloggers. You think that so many website are on first page, but you cannot see  their hard work .

There are some website which are rank in top 10 result

 They getting Enough traffic  for their blog. They do so much hard work for that and also do so many things like link building , seo etc.


Lack of Patience

Patience is essential in every field if we have not make maintain patience in online industry we cannot successful . Some bloggers think that they start blog and insert 20-30 post and make money in 7 days. This is not possible.

You have to maintain patience and do continuously blogging without worry anything . Because if you have a confidence then you definitely win the game.

Blogging is game just enjoy and play very well and getting huge amount of result.

You listen quotes that

You do hard work not expect result.


Frustrated with technical side

This is common problem if we have not face any problem in this journey , then how can I/you learn.  Bloggers quit blogging because they don’t know about technical issue to how to solve. You just chill and learn from you tube  that issue. If you cannot solve your problem then you discuss with others bloggers. They definitely make your help if they know about that issue.

When I start I don’t know how can I setup my blog and how can I upload themes etc. Everything I learn from you tube and read so much blog deeply and understand them what they want to teach us.

So this is not issue for bloggers to quit blogging.


Look for money

Bloggers quit blogging for money is not neccessary. Money is essential for every human beings without money we cannot survive in this world. But in starting of blog we are not make money.

Yes ! you can monetize your blog from first day of blogging, but you cannot earn handsome amount. For that you write a content for your blog. Overall content is king. Without content we cannot gain traffic and cannot make sale and cannot make money.


Not enough topic

When a newbie bloggers starts blog they write 15- 20 posts then newbie bloggers quit blogging because they have not enough topics to write for their blog. They have not idea , what they write for their blog. Because what does I express our readers and what does I teach them, if we not know then it is impossible.

For Example:  If a school teachers are not know what they teach their students then how can a students score in their exam  and they get fail.

Similarly  this criteria are applicable in blogging industry. So never newbie bloggers quit blogging.


Lack of writing style

When a bloggers are come in this industry they are not know about how they write their blog post. How to manage them.

What should be the size of sentences, paragraphs etc.

In this situation newbie bloggers quit blogging.

Last word:

I hope you enjoy this post and know about why bloggers quit blogging and know the reason how to quit blogging.

If you have desire , you have passion, you are crazy , you are motivated then you definitely win the blogging  game.

You just set your mindset and keep do hard work continuously and you get definitely result. In your mind never question are come why bloggers quit blogging, you should feel always be positive and motivated.

Thanks !

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  1. It’s really inspired to new blogger as well as old. But the algorithm is totally changed in 2017. That’s why people quit. Thanks your valuable information share with us.

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