micro niche website

Case study: Micro niche websites made for me $111.04/ mo

 Case study: Micro niche websites made for me $111.04/ mo Micro niches websites are very short topic websites which is you select from amazon, clickbank, shareasale, vjunction etc. When I start blogging in 2016 I don’t know about micro niche market.  I start reading blogs and immediately start my blog…

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globehost review

GlobeHost Review: Cheap Dedicated Hosting company

Globehost review When I started blogging in 2016 , I have no money to buy a cheapest hosting to run a blog/website. As a newbie I also search more and more on internet to find cheapest hosting  to run a blog. But I cannot find anything and I also bought…

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Diwali Offers 2018 for Bloggers: Grab some Hidden online Diwali offers

Diwali offers 2017 for beginner bloggers In “Diwali offers” every one want something so that they buy some products and take discount and save some money. Bloggers also wait the black frieday day for taking some discounts on digital products. Diwali is very popular festival in Indian Market every one…

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wordpress seo plugin

WordPress Seo Plugin 2018: 10 great WP plugins to make your SEO better

  WordPress seo plugin Making sure that your WordPress website is SEO optimized out of the box can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. Google’s ranking algorithm can be ruthless to websites that are poorly optimized and lack any semblance of quality content that…

Best workout motivation speech

Best workout motivation speech of google CEO Sundar Pichai

Best workout motivation speech are the part of life. When we listen motivational speech we become confident. When I start blogging in 2016 , I will not confident to start blog .But when I start and read another blog’s post , I become confident with the spending of time. But…


BPIS 4: Interview with Nikhil Makwana from bforblogging.com

When I started blogging in 2016 , I don’t know about anything but I have confidence to make money online. After reading a lot of blog suddenly I met with Nikhil Makwana from bforblogging online. He is very simple and valuable person who can listen every problem very carefully and…

bloggers quit blogging

Bloggers Quit Blogging IN 2017- [ Why most bloggers quit this journey ]

Bloggers quit blogging. It is easy task to quit anything , but to maintain anything is difficult task. Many bloggers make  huge amount of money through blogging. But we cannot think that  they do so much hard work which is their present condition.  Blogging is a passion which is write…

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popular blogs on blogspot

Top 20 popular blogs on blogspot you should follow

                                    Top 20 popular blogs on blogspot When a newbie blogger start blogging they should go on blogspot after some time they move on wordpress. But they don’t know this is official hosting of…

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how to get free image

How to get free image for your blog

                                       How to get free image for your blog Free image is good source of express the article, half game of the article we will win with the image. Image is good way…

himani kankaria

BPIS 3: Interview with freelancer Himani KanKaria [ Digital Marketing Specialist]

Freelancer is good source of working as a digital marketing because you are not bind you are freely to do work with your clients. One day I meet with Himani Kankaria on twitter. She is so passionate about their work and her behavior is so cool and amazing. Himani Kankaria…