How to start affiliate marketing for beginner


Every one want to make money online in huge amount. That is possible only  by affiliate marketing.

When i start blogging in 2016 ,i don’t  know how to make money online except google adsense.

Because google adsense is very popular method to make money online.

There is lot of search, i find that all the bloggers make huge amount monthly  like $10000 easily.

Then in my mind one questions are come . 

How can i do affiliate marketing  ?

There is big question ??

After  doing lot of  searches , and reading blogs ,i find the exact method. How can i do affiliate program  ?

affiliate marketing

First of all i tell you

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is that method where i  promote others online marketing companies product.

When that  product  sell we get commission that is called affiliate marketing.

How to do affiliate marketing step by step:

If you are the newbie then you follow step by step and make huge amount .

  • Products:

When you enter this industry means affiliate marketing then you must know which product you want to promote.Because  without  selection  of  product  anyone  cannot  do it.

There is big question from where i select the affiliate marketing products.

Don’t worry there are so many affiliate marketing website  which provide us a affiliate links.

Using  affiliate links , we promote their product.

Affiliate marketing website





But you know first that which product  you promote that is relevant to your niche.


After Selections of product now how can i promote product.How  to give plate form that  product.

That is called system.

Here system means  your

# Blog/website

# You tube channel

# Facebook  page


These are the system which i use for promote my products. Using above system , you can also promote your  product.That is your wish  which system you select and start promoting.

Now This is you turn !

Right Traffic:

After Selection  of  product and system. Now  the  big challenge that is called right traffic. Because  without right traffic ( Quality traffic) we cannot sale.We cannot make money online.

We cannot survive for a long time in online industry.



Traffic !           traffic !          traffic !

It is a big challenge ,if you know about free traffic ,paid traffic  then you start affiliate marketing  and make money online.

Following these steps  every one ask questions can i make money online.

Answer is biggggg  NO !

These are the step  which you should follow , after  following these steps you must do which visitor are come where  you can send them.

When you get right traffic for your  niche  related then you send them your system  where  you  promote your product .

Mostly all the bloggers and newbie send them directly on their  product which is completely wrong.Doing this you cannot make money and you cannot sale.Visitor cannot trust on you.

They  feel  irritate and leaves your system.


 affiliate marketing


For  sale, when visitors are come on system  then you  send them on result , because when they know about  your product result , they faith / trust  on you.

When visitors trust are build up then  you send them on product and make sale.

Doing this procedure you definitely make a sale of your product. This is method which every bloggers  do  for sale and cannot tell.

This is now your turn !

Select  product  and do affiliate marketing.

Boost up ( viral )  this post on your social media channel / id so that your friends  take advantage.

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